Acapella Ave.

This is where group vocal lessons and where our popular Dancin’ Babes program (3-5yr olds) is held. There is a bathroom inside so there is no need to leave this room and your “babe” is safe and sound. This room is also covered with a professional marley floor to prevent slipping and help with stability.

 Acapella Ave, one of the studio's classrooms.

Ballerina Blvd.

The Ballet studio has a floating wood subfloor that is critical in providing safe, shock-absorbent protection to meet the needs of all styles of dance.

Besides having Ballet and Pointe in this room, we also have Acro and Jazz.


Hip Hop Court

The Hip Hop Court studio has an integrated sprung subfloor for virtually all activities including contemporary, Salsa, Hip Hop and multi-purpose use.

We have Zumba Fitness classes too!


Music Street

We have 2 private Music rooms for personal one on one music lessons in Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Voice and more.


Private Music Room

This is our Mozart Lane private music room.